Logi Pedro
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The Soba Chair

is not an African chair. It’s a derivative of South-West African chairs, in the most positive sense of the word derivative. It’s a chair conceived, built and designed in Northern Europe while still being a product of Black Imagination.

The chair emerges from a intersection of cultures converging. It incorporates the history, locality and heritage of a multicultural reality. It’s diasporic, a dialogue of design between separate settings, cultures and geographical areas.

Some people refer to this phenomena as Diasporism. 

Nikkei cuisine is a great example of Diasporism. The term Nikkei refers to Japanese people living outside of Japan. This term has been expanded to include the innovative cuisine that results when you merge traditional Peruvian ingredients and Japanese cuisine. It cuts deeper than “fusion”.

I made a booklet, a mindmap of sorts, to mediate the process and concepts behind the Soba Chair and the research incorporated in the design